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Convert Document to EPUB

An EPUB document (short for electronic publication) is HTML-based format commonly used for electronic book distribution. This format is fully supported in Aspose.Words for exporting electronic books compatible with majority of devices used for reading. This article shows how to convert simple MS Word document to EPUB with a few lines of code. It also demonstrates what a sample document looks like after being converted to EPUB using Aspose.Words.

Converts a document to EPUB using default save options.

// Open an existing document from disk.
            Document doc = new Document("Converting Document.docx");

            // Create a new instance of HtmlSaveOptions. This object allows us to set options that control
            // how the output document is saved.
            HtmlSaveOptions saveOptions =
                new HtmlSaveOptions();

            // Specify the desired encoding.
            saveOptions.Encoding = System.Text.Encoding.UTF8;

            // Specify at what elements to split the internal HTML at. This creates a new HTML within the EPUB 
            // which allows you to limit the size of each HTML part. This is useful for readers which cannot read 
            // HTML files greater than a certain size e.g 300kb.
            saveOptions.DocumentSplitCriteria = DocumentSplitCriteria.HeadingParagraph;

            // Specify that we want to export document properties.
            saveOptions.ExportDocumentProperties = true;

            // Specify that we want to save in EPUB format.
            saveOptions.SaveFormat = SaveFormat.Epub;

            // Export the document as an EPUB file.
            doc.Save("Document.EpubConversion Out.epub", saveOptions);


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